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lueprint specializes in engaging  audiences across cultures


Cultural markets constitute a unique marketplace and need to be understood and approached differently in your marketing plans. Their buying behaviors, spending patterns and marketing response differ not only from general American market but also within the different community groups.


Blueprint GG creates integrated marketing plans for ethnic/cultural markets that meet clients’ strategic initiatives. We work through a four-step process. First, we start with an industry and competitive analysis of your business to understand your current positioning in the market. Second, we focus on your business and provide you recommendations on how it can best be positioned and branded with the ethnic group. Third, we provide you different means of marketing promotions and tools to target your offering. Finally, we apply the promotions on a tactical level using the suite of marketing services offered by us.


Ethnic markets are comprised of various cultural subgroups that often have their own languages, customs, behaviors and preferences. The preferred means of communications among these groups is usually in their own language and media, but not always. Even within the same cultural subgroups there can be regional population subsets with their own dialects and traditions. An effective transcultural campaign could have individual creative products for each ethnic group using in-language and in-culture materials to communicate messages to the diverse ethnic audiences.


Blueprint creates transcultural campaigns capable of speaking to myriad ethnic audiences in one voice.

Transcultural Marketing

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