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Stanley Yorker

Chief Creative Officer

tanley Yorker is a consummate advertising professional. Within that industry he has worked with a roster of major brands that reads like a veritable Fortune 500 who’s-who; including work with Coca-Cola, BMW, McDonald’s, Dell Computers, Nationwide Insurance, Publix Super Markets, US Bank and Walmart. The thing that continues to attract him to the field of advertising is the opportunity to use his fertile imagination to create commercials and print ads that stir an emotion and move someone to consider a product or service in a new light. Stanley is a versatile communications professional with extensive experience across a wide swath of product and service categories. He is a superior team leader who has worked at senior levels in both creative and client service capacities.


Our Team

Ky Dele


n avid believer in never turning a sky into a ceiling, celebrity lifestyle expert and clinical psychologist Ky Dele is the lifestyle manager providing the definition of a bespoke experience injected into any area of your life. She created a lifestyle enhancement tool for busy individuals to help uncover their complex needs and fulfillment of personal and professional desires.  A savvy business woman; passionate and determined, Ky Dele is a professional and a superior luxury lifestyle business owner.  The meshing of her psychology practice and lifestyle management has created a unique and supreme experience for Blueprint. Because of her well-trained background, the high intensity and unpredictable complexities of the nature in lifestyle management come organic to her; which transcends to her clients.  Ky embarked on her life’s journey with great tenacity. With educational accomplishments including a Master's of Science in Education, and Master of Arts in Psychology from New York University, and Doctoral Candidacy for clinical psychology . Dele has an innate understanding of the psychology of human needs and desires.

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Blueprint GG is an international lifestyle management, marketing and brand strategy consultancy specializing in the sports, luxury goods & services and entertainment industries. Blueprint has operations in the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.



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