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Philanthropy marketing goes beyond the traditional concept of philanthropy, which, too often, was  just writing and issuing checks to cultural institutions. All companies purport to be market-driven. They are driven by the forces of the marketplace and what customers say. Well, the customers have spoken and have said that they also care whether or not a company is actually a good citizen. A company’s philanthropic efforts tell you what it essentially stands for in the world. So companies must now consider how to use their marketing dollars to make a difference to the people who are part of their brands.


Philanthropy marketing  connects your company organically to a not-for-profit organization or cause. In this way, you can work for good in your community while your business is receiving parallel benefits. These benefits include exposure, lead generation, employee retention and increased performance and productivity.

lueprint can help an individual or organization conceptualize, launch and/or advance a foundation, public charity or philanthropic effort.


Corporate and brand social responsibility is not new, but it does resonates more than ever with consumers who, empowered through social media, have grown comfortable controlling and sharing information.  Philanthropy marketing is a uniquely  powerful way to merge marketing goals with the desire to increase the well being of mankind. Philanthropy is an important aspect of business that should never be overlooked by a company. As brands continue to grow and gain awareness, giving back to the community will increase their societal presence and maintain their audience loyalty. Thus, philanthropy poses as a “win, win” for every brand.

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