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he global demand for luxury goods and services is growing exponentially in the exploding emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Millionaires are being made daily and their expectation of enjoying the accouterment of their wealth is a boon for manufacturers of these products and providers of luxury services. Whether your brand is an established luxury brand or an aspirational, we can help create engagement with the right targets and target influencers.


Blueprint was built on giving its clientele exclusive access to luxury goods and services in advance of their introduction to the general populace. Luxury manufacturers have long recognized the power and potential impact of connecting with key influencers who sway trends and public perceptions through their use or adoption of certain products,  services or destinations. Other brands can also experience the benefit of the halo effect of being in the company of established luxury goods. Blueprint can create strategic relationships that mutually benefit all brand partners involved.











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Blueprint GG is an international lifestyle management, marketing and brand strategy consultancy specializing in the sports, luxury goods & services and entertainment industries. Blueprint has operations in the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.



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