Branding Coming Alive –   Engaging| Exciting | Impactful

Our value proposition lies on connecting brands to global consumers through the power of entertainment & sports events for the specific purpose of consumer dialogue, brand engagement and equity development.

Our philosophy of client engagement has strategically positioned Blueprint to capitalize and leverage on the influence of entertainment & sports solutions as the primary drivers of global confluence with a universal impact that transcends age, gender, race and geography.

BGG provides a complete customized 360-turnkey activation to shape the clients desired brand outcome.


Whether small or large and irrespective of industry, corporations are more aware than ever in their understanding of the need to “think outside of the box” and understand how cross marketing & brand integration are some of the most important elements required for an effective brand presence.


IT WORKS!!!!!!   It is branding coming alive! Human beings experience the world through active engagement and emotional interaction, which leaves traditional marketing strategies severely limited in the standing of long-term impact.  We exhibit the enhanced vision to coin a branding platform that attracts the pulse and passions of consumers. Consumers require exciting, engaging and impactful engagement.


Brand Engagement

Building the brands value through product and brand awareness with effective messaging & engagement that is relevant to your target audience and manifests in consumer adoption & increase in the brand positioning.

Consumer Dialogue

Communication with present consumers, future consumers, lead generation and sustainability of on-going partnerships: Clear and concise dialogue establishes consumer understanding and bridges emotional connections, ultimately leading into long-term relationships.

Equity Development

Increase in Brand Equity

Financial Equity with increase in driving sales

Investment Equity