Benefits of allowing BLUEPRINT GG

to manage your Brand Development

End up with a concise, actionable plan for creating and sustaining a unique, marketable image


Able to maximize income potential with hands-on strategic career management


Access to extensive resources and expertise to generate value in all facets and stages of a career


Recurring revenue streams via strategic marketing strategies including endorsements, global licensing, equity based business opportunities with franchises etc


Global media exposure


 our brand is the presentation of what you are and what you stand for and what you represent (intrinsically and extrinsically) . Every move you make is an expression of your brand and through our D-6 Brand Development Process we ensure your brand is inextricably aligned with those expressions and the message(s) that you send, consciously or not, to your audience(s)/market(s).


The Blueprint  brand management approach methodically builds brands as precious assets positioned to live on into perpetuity. Most firms focus on building your brand for now. Blueprint focuses on building brands that are relevant for now, anticipate the future and expand into perpetuity.  Our goal for our clients is to create brands as invaluable assets of a legacy that’s both marketable and tangible

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Blueprint GG is an international lifestyle management, marketing and brand strategy consultancy specializing in the sports, luxury goods & services and entertainment industries. Blueprint has operations in the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.



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