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We are Blueprint Global Consulting Group. We are bridge builders with a mission to engage, collaborate, and integrate to advance effective policies, industry, and business opportunities for the Americas ( North, South, Central, The Caribbean) and Africa.

As a trusted intermediary for The Americas (North, South, Central, The Caribbean) and Africa, Blueprint Global Consulting Group fulfills its mission through a variety of services including public affairs, lobbying, international business and trade, advocacy, regulatory and government relations. We also provide crisis management and strategic communications services across a broad spectrum of industries in the public and private sectors.

The Blueprint Global Consulting Group team of global experts is comprised of such leaders’ former members of government, public affairs advisors, business executives and lobbyists with a proven track record of success.

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BGCG Global Magnet Associate Program

The traditional business model of “one size fits all” with an individual agency managing all a client’s business needs has been evidenced to be stifling to the client’s goals. The Blueprint Global Consulting Group sought to provide a solution to this problem through the creation of the Global Magnet Associate Program.

The BGCG Global Management Associate Program is a collective of owner-operated and independent public affairs, international trade, legal, and lobby consultants. We provide high-level, expert advice on complex political, policy, and regulatory issues on a local, national, and global level. Each associate is a recognized leader in their respective area of expertise. With our broad range of expert special advisors, we are collectively recognized for depth of knowledge and a proven track record of delivering positive results to our clients.

The BGCG Global Management Associate Program maintains an agency model as a network of complementary associate firms focused on unified business solutions. Our clients receive boutique-style attention, reinforced with the resources of global footprints of collaborating independent network agencies. Our unique value proposition lies our collaborative programs, systems, processes, and resources.

Through our BGCG Global Management Associate Program model, we can extend a talented team of dedicated professionals and access to a global network over 300 affiliates and partners. With over a century of combined experience, our international experienced team of consultants and associates are well-known industry experts. The collective model ensures there is no ceiling to our capabilities or our global reach to guarantee our clients’ success. Our global partnerships provide our clients with all the necessary resources for growth, scalability, and global footprints.


Blueprint Global Consulting Group holds our discretionary and confidentiality measures to protect our clients as one of our core values. Thus, details regarding projects are provided only upon qualified requests.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to our existence. Our policy is that we will promote responsible and ethical business practices and behavior and that we will advocate social responsibility including a workplace free from racism, prejudice and discrimination and support community-building activities of our partnerships. Our global code of conduct and ethics emphasizes inspiring positive action through the collective consciousness for being client-centric in the spirit of collaboration and empowerment.


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